Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A poem I wrote!

Hey all! sorry I haven't updated in a day or 2 been really busy at home and work.Decided since it's called poems and dreams I'd throw a poem up and see what everyone thinks?

This ones about war,well here goes :p

Grasp a knife, Grab a scythe , Grab the loaded gun.
Grasp my ideology and watch the people run.
War is coming! War is coming! cry's rise from the streets.
Every able bodied male is forced onto their feet.
So here's your helmet, here's your ammo, and here's the combat plan.
Now march onto the field of battle and show us your a man.
Shell shocked, brain locked , you've got your rifle cocked.
Oh but don't worry if you die son we got plenty of soldiers stocked.
Super sonic, patriotic, warriors of the fleet.
How many to die? 1 million more we will not take defeat.
So sow the fields with crimson and send 10,000 more the blood gates are now open so let the water pour.
He's in Iraq we'll have him back don't worry about a thing.
But watch as cry's rise from weary eyes as funeral trumpets sing.
So follow me and be all you can be to fight for the land of the free.
Cuz when your dead and gone you'll carry on through thoughtful memories 

Hope you all like it.

Ohhh! Also today I would really like to encourage you to go buy modern warfare 3! Lol seems a little like I shouldn't be saying that after the poem but..... I really like it :(